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First Union Missionary Baptist Church was organized March 18, 1944, by Pastor P.S. Osborne of Macedonia

Baptist Church as Moderator and Pastor M.L. Price of Galveston, Texas as Acting Secretary. Pastor

Nathaniel N. Reason, a man called by God to lead His people, was founder and first Pastor. A small store

front at 1643 O’Farrell was selected as the place of worship. The original name chosen was First Baptist

Church; however, another church in the city was known by that name. Sister Leola Washington suggested

the “Union” be included in the name to make the distinction. The church then became known as First

Union Missionary Baptist Church. With an original membership of 7 people, First Union grew rapidly. As

the Church grew, the building fund for the new church was established with $47.50, and with Sister Gussie

Twyman (Vann) as its first treasurer. A building was purchased at 2398 Geary Boulevard on December 23,

1946. As the church continued to grow and with a 10 year mortgage and a membership of 2,000, the

mortgage was paid off in 7 years and 7 months. The mortgage was burned on July 19, 1953.

Under the leadership of Pastor Reason, First Union grew spiritually, financially and numerically. The

Women’s Auxiliary started a new building fund with $300 and a dream of moving to a more modern and

spacious Church with educational classrooms and parking facilities. On June 12, 1968 Pastor Nathaniel

Reason was called to be with the Lord, before the dream became a reality. Deacon Willie B. Smith held the

reigns from June 12, 1968 until February 23, 1969 as we prepared for a new Pastor. During this period the

church purchased a parsonage. On February 24, 1969, Pastor Henry L. Davis, Sr. was called to lead our

congregation. Because of the church’s numerical growth and emphasis on outreach ministries, we were

forced to expand our facilities. Groundbreaking for a new church was held on Easter Sunday, April 18, 1976. On December 19, 1976 Pastor H.L. Davis, Sr. led the congregation to our new edifice at 1001 Webster Street. The mortgage was burned in six years in 1985. Construction on new classrooms began. An apartment building was purchased under his leadership. Pastor Davis ministered to God’s people until May 9, 1984, when he was called home to be with the Lord. Again, Deacon Smith took the leadership role in keeping God’s people together. The church elected Pastor Henry L. Davis, Jr. as Pastor on March 18, 1985. He served through July 2000. From July 2000 until January 20, 2002 Deacon George Booth led our congregation while we searched for a new Pastor. On January 21, 2002, Pastor DeWayne A. Byrdsong was elected to become our 4th Pastor and served through December 30, 2009. Again, Deacon George Booth, General Chairman took the leadership role, “Standing in the Gap,” keeping the ship afloat and kept the crew intact. On October 10, 2011, the First Union Church family elected D.E.C. Matthews as our 5th Pastor. He served through December 2013. Once again our pulpit became vacant and Deacon George Booth along with a stellar group of ministers were “Standing in the Gap” until June 27, 2016 when the First Union Church family elected Dr. Larry Jetton, Jr. as Pastor. He was installed on September 11, 2016 and served the First Union family faithfully until he was called home to be with the Lord on August 14th 2018. Deacon George Booth had transitioned July 31, 2016, so “Standing in the Gap” was Deacon Board Chairman Marshal Burgest. We are thankful for the 79-year history of this church and we are happy to welcome Pastor Henry Dillihant III, Lady Dillihant, and their children! To God be the Glory ! ! !

Our Mission

Our Mission

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature... He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved


One Lord, one faith, one baptism

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